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6 tips for choosing the best kitchen tiles for you

Last Updated Feb 12, 2016 · Written by Rob Schneider

When you're designing your kitchen, the time will come when you have to choose your kitchen tiles. You can take the easy way out and choose white or a plain colour, but you may not be satisfied with the result. You can also make choosing tiles more complicated than it needs to be. The middle road is the best road to take. Here are six tips for choosing the best kitchen tiles that will help take the headache out of choosing tiles.

One: Focus on the Location

Where will you be installing your kitchen tiles? If you're installing tiles behind your cooktop, they will will need frequent cleaning. Choose tiles that can stand up to grease and are easy to clean. If you're choosing a plain colour, a glossy tile might be a good choice. If you want decorative tiles, you still want non-porous tiles that you can easily wipe clean.


Two: Consider the Style

Is your kitchen a modern or traditional style kitchen? Do you like the minimalist look or do you want splashes of colour? Do you want feature tiles or do you want to stick with one colour? Have a look at our Kitchen Design Ideas pages for inspiration.


Three: Think About Tile Sizes and Shapes

You have a variety of tile shapes and sizes to choose from today. You can choose tiny mosaics or large format wall tiles. Tiles are generally square or rectangular, but you're not limited to a "straight lay" with parallel and perpendicular grout lines. Let's say you've decided to stick with white, cream or a neutral colour. Which size and shape will work best in your kitchen. Would subway tiles work better in your kitchen than square tiles?


Four: Consider Texture

Many kitchen tiles have a smooth surface, but you can also find textured tiles. A textured tile might be just what you need to add style and interest to your kitchen.


Five: Don't Forget Your Budget

It's easy to get carried away when choosing tiles and forget that they cost money. Some tiles can be very expensive and may be budget-busters. That doesn't mean you have to compromise on style, though. You can find mid-range tiles that will look just as good or choose more expensive feature tiles to give your kitchen splashback a boost. If your choice of tiles is making you compromise on other features of your kitchen, you might want to consider installing an acrylic splashback instead of tiles.


Six: Look at the Bigger Picture

If you take a step-by-step approach to choosing tiles, you can narrow down your selection more easily. Start with the appropriateness of a tile for its location and then think about colour, shape, layout and texture without forgetting about your budget. Finally, stand back and visualise your tiles as they will look against the rest of your kitchen. Do they go well with your benchtop and cupboard doors? Do they enhance the appearance of your kitchen? Don't be afraid to experiment before you buy. You may find a tile that works better for you than the tile you first envisioned.

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