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6 Summer Safety Tips

Last Updated Feb 17, 2012 · Written by Rob Schneider

Summer time is a time for relaxing, but it is also the time when burglary rates soar and accidents around the house increase. Before you get too relaxed, consider these 6 summer safety tips. Then you can soak up the sun and enjoy your holidays, knowing that your home is safe and secure.

Check Your Fence

"Good fences make good neighbours" and they also are a deterrent to crime. Is your back fence high enough to discourage intruders? Is it a noise reduction fence that will keep you and your neighbours on good speaking terms when the kids on both sides of the fence are having a little too much fun? Contact a local fencing contractor and get that fence you've been meaning to get installed this year instead of putting it off.

Lighten Up

You may already have outdoor lighting for your patio and porch, but what about emergency lighting for those dark corners and areas at the sides of the house. These are the places where burglars lurk. Install motion sensing lights wherever there is a dark area in your yard and would be intruders will look elsewhere for a home to break into.

Fence Your Pool

If you have a pool, by law it must be fenced in. Even if there was no law in place, pool fencing makes common sense. A pool fencing specialist will have dozens of cost-effective and attractive designs for you to choose from. Not only will the fence prevent a possibly fatal accident, it will actually enhance the appearance of your pool area.

Raise the Alarm

A home security system can be as simple as an alarm system or can be connected to a security company's headquarters and include closed circuit television and regular site monitoring. Either way, security systems are a proven deterrent to crime.

Get Automated

For even greater peace of mind and a helper to return to when you return from your holidays, think about having a home automation system installed. You'll be amazed by how affordable they are today. When you're not at home, they can open and close your curtains, turn lights on and off at scheduled times or even from your mobile device and even turn your TV on and off in the evening. In other words, a home automation system can make it look like someone is at home even when you and your family are relaxing at the beach some place far away.

Neighbourhood Watch

When thieves look for vacant homes to break into, they look for things like mail and newspapers piling up outside, untended lawns and other telltale signs. If you have a trusted neighbour nearby, ask them to pick up your mail, papers and debris for you every evening while you're away. Call a local handyman or garden maintenance company and have them come by and mow your lawn for you. For an extra touch of realism, ask your neighbour to occasionally park their car in your driveway. In some suburbs, neighbours get together and form "neighbourhood watch" groups and look out for each other in turns.

The secret to summer safety and security is to make it look like your home is occupied when you're away and keep it safe for you, your family and your visitors when you are at home. The above 6 summer safety tips are just some proven examples of how you can accomplish these things. And don't forget: the best way to relax and enjoy the summer completely is to start the season prepared.
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