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5 tips for selecting the right bathroom tiling

Last Updated May 2, 2016 · Written by Rob Schneider

Your tiler will lay your bathroom tiles for you, but it's up to you to choose them. You have a lot of tiles to choose from and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Where do you start? These five tips for selecting the right bathroom tiling will get you started in the right direction.

Start With One Tile

You have to start somewhere, so start with one main tile. Often, this tile will be a coloured tile that will take up the majority of space in your bathroom. Sometimes, a tile catches your eye and you know you have to use it in your bathroom. However you choose your first tile, that will be the tile you will build the rest of your bathroom tiling around.


Size and Shape Matters

Bathroom tiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes. In some cases, the traditional square tile might work, but consider other sizes and shapes, too. Long, narrow tiles can make a room appear taller. Large format tiles are great for covering a large area. Mosaic tiles can be perfect in the shower or for use as accent tiles.


Odds are, you can find the perfect colour in a different shape or size. Which one works best in your bathroom?

Accent Tiles

Throw away the rule book when choosing accent tiles. They don't have to go across the top of your tilings or be placed between larger tiles. You can use accent tiles in any way that flatters your bathroom design.


A horizontal row of accent tiles can work well, but also consider a vertical arrangement. Vertically placed accent tiles draw the eye to an area and can turn a wall into a feature of the bathroom.


A Feature Wall

If you chose your first tile because you loved it, it might not be the best tile to cover the bulk of the walls, but it might make a perfect feature wall.


You can use bolder colours or more intricate designs on a feature wall without going overboard with your tiling.


Knowing the Limits

In most cases, it's best to limit your bathroom wall tiles to no more than three. As a rule of thumb, your primary tile will cover the greatest area. You can use your secondary tile in the shower, behind the bath or on a feature wall. The third tile will be an accent tile to highlight an area. It's not a hard and fast rule, but if you use too many different tiles, the room can lose its harmonious appearance.


Your floor tiles should complement your wall tiles. The "rule" of three applies here, too. If your floor tiles are a different colour, it is probably best to limit your wall tiles to one or two types of tiles. If you've chosen dark tiles for your walls, a lighter floor tile and a white ceiling can create the perfect complement.

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