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5 home maintenance tasks to complete this February

Last Updated Feb 15, 2016 · Written by Rob Schneider

February is a month of transition. The weather is fine, but the colder months of autumn and winter are coming quickly. It's easy to forget little home maintenance jobs, but they can become big headaches if overlooked. Here are five home maintenance tasks to complete this February you might not have thought of. Most of these jobs can be handled by a handyman if you don't have time or inclination to do them yourself.


One: Clean Your Heating Filters

After a long winter, your heating unit's filter becomes clogged. You may not notice it, but a clogged filter makes your heater less efficient and if the filter is very clogged, you could aggravate allergies and shorten your heater's life. Clean the filters now and your heater will be ready for you when the temperature dips. If you have reverse-cycle air conditioning, you'll definitely need to clean or replace the filters at the end of each season.

Two: Clean Your Gutters

If you live in an area that is dry throughout the summer, you may not be thinking about your gutters. However, throughout the warmer months, leaves and other debris has been gathering in your gutters. When the first rain comes, all that debris will rush down your guttering and probably get stuck somewhere. Clean your gutters thoroughly. They will be able to do the job they're meant to do and you won't have a problem on your hands when the rains come.

Three: Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

Your fridge works overtime during the summer months and dust begins to cling to your refrigerator coils. Because they are hidden, this is one maintenance job most homeowners overlook for years. It doesn't take long to do and will extend the life of your fridge. While you're at it, check the seals on your fridge. If they need replacing, contact an appliance repair service and have the seals replaced.

Four: February Lawn Care

As summer draws to a close, your lawn is going to need some extra care. Take a close look at your lawn and remove any weeds that have sprung up. Ignore problems like dandelions and they'll just get worse. February is also the month when lawn armyworm caterpillars can devastate your lawn. Armyworm caterpillars hide in the lawn during the day and feed on the lawn at night. Although they are large (up to 40mm long), they are easy to overlook, but can be the cause of brown patches in your lawn. They can easily be eliminated using the right pesticide.

Five: Clean Your Timber Deck

February is a good month to give your timber decking a good cleaning. You want to get leaves and debris off your deck before the rain comes because leaves can stain your deck. While you're cleaning your deck, look for signs of corrosion and wear. Replace corroded nails, screws and fittings and if your decking is worn, consider hiring a deck sealing and finishing professional before the rainy season. If you have a smaller deck, you may be able to make refinishing your deck a DIY project.

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