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New Drain Plumbing servicing Michelago 
Gas and Plumbing Solutions
Location: Servicing Michelago
Contact Name: Robert Beath
Phone: 0400645550

Gas & Plumbing Solutions
Plumbers, New Drains, Backflow Systems, Home Renovations, Hot Water Unit Installation, Hot Water Unit Repairs, New...
ABN: 79 971 103 311
Member since 2016
On Tap Gas Plumbing Drains & Gutters
Location: Servicing Michelago
Contact Name: Kim Dent
Mobile: 0411745645

Plumbers, New Drains, 24/7 Emergency Plumbers, Backflow Systems, Blocked Drains, Drain Repairs, General Maintenance,...
ABN: 61 534 741 309
Member since 2016
Fullbore Plumbing and Gas
Location: Servicing Michelago
Mobile: 0430453465

Full Bore Plumbing & gas provide high quality plumbing services for your home, office or commercial building.
ABN: 24 436 518 647
Member since 2016
All South Plumbing
Location: Michelago, New South Wales
Contact Name: Andrew Buyteweg
Mobile: 0412 697 785

Licenced and insured plumber with unmatched experience in the industry. Offers a wide range of plumbing services in Michelago, New South Wales.
ABN: 12 837 246 869
Member since 2011
Par Property Services
Location: Michelago, New South Wales
Contact Name: Richard Stone
Mobile: 0420 649 208

Call us today for more information.
ABN: 39 590 226 626
Member since 2015
Beyond Plumbing
Location: Hume, New South Wales
Mobile: 0425 276 018

Beyond Plumbing is a professional, friendly and reliable plumbing business with an excellent reputation providing incomparable customer service and quality workmanship at an affordable price.
ABN: 52 352 378 699
Member since 2014
Flow Plumbing & Gasfitting
Location: Queanbeyan, New South Wales
Mobile: 0450590030

We aim to complete our works to the highest quality true to our craft.
ABN: 88 356 080 038
Member since 2015
Chad's Plumbing Solutions
Location: Queanbeyan, New South Wales
Contact Name: Chad Taylor
Mobile: 0438564015

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal
ABN: 63 152 846 681
Member since 2016
Genuine Connections Plumbing
Location: Sutton, New South Wales
Contact Name: Kyle Gallacher
Phone: 0408627512
Mobile: 0404082359

Contact us today for more information.
ABN: 62 267 330 112
Member since 2016
Ajs Plumbing Australia
Location: Hume, New South Wales
Phone: 0261661287
Mobile: 0412904933

AJís Plumbing Australia is a family run business, which prides itself on good quality and professional service.
ABN: 31 127 362 690
Member since 2016
DMH Plumbing
Location: Quenbeyan, New South Wales
Contact Name: David Hoorweg
Mobile: 0422664274

Contact us today for more information.
ABN: 80 182 661 524
Member since 2016
WCE Plumbing
Location: Queanbeyan West, New South Wales
Contact Name: Brenton Evans
Mobile: 0429 885 571

We specialise in all your residential plumbing needs. Offering exceptional service at great rates!
ABN: 25 611 258 413
Member since 2016
Greaney & Sweeney (A.C.T) Pty Limited
Location: Canberra, New South Wales
Phone: 0262971432
Mobile: 0423548496

Canberra & Queanbeyan's reliable plumbing company
ABN: 12 008 577 357
Member since 2016
Featured Businesses
North and South Plumbing
Location: Servicing Michelago
Phone: 0422 503 415

North & South Plumbing Drainage & Gas Fitting is a professional, prompt and reliable local business with many years...
ABN: 57 933 627 271
Member since 2014
MJAE Drainage and Plumbing
Location: Servicing Michelago
Mobile: 0408297445

Contact us today for more information.
ABN: 98 169 623 067
Member since 2016
Mick Shannon Plumbing & Gas Fitting
Location: Servicing Michelago
Contact Name: Mick Shannon
Mobile: 0418 295 877

Mick Shannon Plumbing & Gas Fitting has been in business for 14 years. Focusing on residential projects, we...
ABN: 15 442 911 769
Member since 2011
Peter James Marshall
Location: Servicing Michelago
Contact Name: Peter James Marshall
Mobile: 0415492707

Contact us today for more information.
ABN: 15 077 561 685
Member since 2016
Results Plumbing
Location: Servicing Michelago
Mobile: 0488668835

Plumbing - Drainage - Gas Fitting
ABN: 45 159 979 941
Member since 2016

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Recently completed jobs

Shannon from Gordon was connected. "The side of the house on a steep block has water coming in under the foundation when it rains. what to know how and the best way it can be fixed."

Paul from Richardson was connected. "I am wanting to put plumbing for shower, toilet and a laundry tub into the rear of a garage i am also planning. looking for someone who can get me da approval sign-off, i am prepared to do all the digging and laying pipes before garage slab goes in."

Cathy from Fadden was connected. "7 meters drain pipe to be submerged into soil to allow water to run towards storm water drain."

Jared from Monash was connected. "I require the supply and installation of additional in ground drain grates for the front and driveway side of my home. our block has a slope, with driveway water passing the side of the house before it reaches the garage drain grates; causing water to leak into some of the house foundations."

Ian from Gowrie was connected. "Quote to replace downpipes and also guttering"

Joseph from Mount Stromlo was connected. "I need quotes for someone to put 2 more drains in the house. "

Jim from Griffith was connected. "Need a plumber to renew the old drainage pipes with new ones before we put down or new concrete"

Rosalie from Parkes was connected. "At the side of the house i need pipes for drainage to go out the front"

Angela from Canberra was connected. "I have constructed a retaining wall with a drainage pipe which lead into 2 open drains. i am requiring a plumber to work out whether the pipes connected to the open drains (from the retaining wall) can be tied up to the 1) sewer drain or the 2) storm water drain. i would like an itemised quote for this job if possible."

Cathy from Page was connected. "We have a new house which has drainage problems on one side. i would like a a drain and new pathway constructed."