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Tradesmen you can trust!
ABN: 25 192 876 856
Member since 2012

Family Business is the Best Business
ABN: 84 986 425 671
Member since 2013
Lewis Plumbing
Location: Bendigo, Victoria
Contact Name: Adam Lewis
Mobile: 0417 737 286

Lewis Plumbing Bendigo
Plumbers, Backflow Systems, Blocked Drains, Drain Repairs, General Maintenance, Grease Traps, Grey Water Systems, Home Renovations, Hot Water Unit Installation, Hot Water Unit Repairs, New Drains, New Homes, Plumbing...
ABN: 13 811 410 655
Member since 2014
Peter Carr Plumbing
Location: Bendigo, Victoria
Mobile: 0418566996

We are a friendly, reliable local plumbing team that also has 2 bobcats, 4 excavators and a backhoe for excavation jobs like subdivisions
ABN: 18 448 255 823
Member since 2015
MC Plumbing & Roofing
Location: Bendigo, Victoria
Contact Name: Matt
Phone: 0428 280 294
Mobile: 0428 280 294

Experts in Plumbing, Roofing, heating and Air Conditioning
ABN: 54 486 071 715
Member since 2016
Cams Plumbing Works
Location: Servicing Bendigo
Mobile: 0423412437

Plumbers, 24/7 Emergency Plumbers, Backflow Systems, Drain Repairs, General Maintenance, Grease Traps, Grey Water...
ABN: 49 364 768 074
Member since 2016

Plumbers, Home Renovations, Bathroom
Member since 2010
David Barker Plumbing
Location: Servicing Bendigo
Mobile: 0418334258

Call us for more information.
ABN: 87 074 312 893
Member since 2015
Dunstone Bros Plumbing & Roofing
Location: Maiden Gulley, Victoria
Contact Name: Myers Flat
Phone: 03 5446 1535

Is your home plumbing in a state of disrepair? We can fix it promptly and reliably. Call us today for professional and top quality service.
ABN: 29 370 948 220
Member since 2007
Riley Plumbing Central Victoria
Location: Epsom, Victoria
Contact Name: Scott Riley
Mobile: 0407 091 259

Riley Plumbing Central Victoria is a company that provides professional plumbing services for all of our customers plumbing needs. I can help customers with the installation of their plumbing systems, toilets and hot water units.
ABN: 63 094 929 840
Member since 2015
TNZ Plumbing Solutions
Location: Ascot, Victoria
Contact Name: Zacharie Lowery
Phone: 0422058164
Mobile: 0428430350

Plumbing? we have a solution!
ABN: 66 562 350 338
Member since 2016
Between 5 and 10 km from Bendigo 3550
Whytcross Plumbing Services
Location: Kangaroo Flat, Victoria
Phone: 0439 363 817
Mobile: 0439 363 817

Plumbers, 24/7 Emergency Plumbers, Blocked Drains, Drain Repairs, General Maintenance, Grease Traps, Grey Water Systems, Home Renovations, Hot Water Unit Installation, Hot Water Unit Repairs, New Drains, New Homes, Plumbing...
ABN: 44 636 867 593
Member since 2013
Jaycee Plumbing & Gasfitting
Location: Kangaroo Flat, Victoria
Contact Name: Jason Chivers
Mobile: 0400813610

We offer free, no obligation quotes and can meet the demands of all your plumbing requirements.
ABN: 76 393 298 253
Member since 2015
Featured Businesses

We have been in this industry for 5 years. We do general maintenance jobs, installations, and repairs on drains, toilets, hot water units, and more. We provide market competitive rates. Call us now.
ABN: 19 814 712 750
Member since 2013
Heathglen Homes Pty Ltd
Location: Servicing Bendigo
Contact Name: Eamon
Mobile: 0433 587 814

PLUMBER, quality assured & reliable
ABN: 48 914 154 053
Member since 2014
Golden State Plumbing & Gasfitting
Location: Servicing Bendigo
Contact Name: James Coleman
Mobile: 0448 087 343

Plumbers, 24/7 Emergency Plumbers, Backflow Systems, Blocked Drains, Drain Repairs, General Maintenance, Grease...
ABN: 21 606 951 080
Member since 2016

You name it, We can provide it! Licenced Plumbing. All forms of property Maintenance.
ABN: 68 193 847 494
Member since 2015

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Recently completed jobs

Raj from Bendigo was connected. "Toilet is clogged someone put too many toilet papers need someone to fix it"

Charlotte from Long Gully was connected. "Storm water pipes from house connected to storm pipes in . down pipe replaced"

Leeann from Strathdale was connected. "Moved current tap and water metre -1 metre and place in ground box. i have obtained permit from council to relocate metre and tap. the metre will still be on the same alignment"

Rosemarie from Tarnagulla was connected. "To install a wood heater which is a replacement wood heater as the old one has already been removed"

Amanda from Bendigo was connected. "I need a quote for installation of 4 x sinks and a toilet. in a beauty salon."

Lori from Flora Hill was connected. "Toilet blocked. recently purchased property & having issues with toilet flushing & water draining from bowl."

Brian from Bendigo was connected. "I need my sewer unblocked i took a big poo and its all blocked up"

Steven from Bendigo Forward was connected. "The connection of 110mm poly pipe onto an existing water meter. the pipe would need to be approximately 230 metres in length, and "snaked" down an open dirt channel to a dam. i would like the quote to include the cost of the pipe and also burying the pipe to an appropriate depth."

Carol from Bendigo was connected. "We need advice on how to improve our hot water system. we have a large tank in the roof which heats up at night. the water comes from the tap in a slow stream with a lot of water being run before it heats up and then it is extremely hot. when the cold tap is turned on to cool it down it is very difficult to get just warm, except in the shower the water is either freezing or burning hot. in the shower we turn the hot tap fully on and then adjust the cold to cool down."

Anthea from Epsom was connected. "Solar unit on hot water service flashing attention. can't regulate water in showers or water runs cold very quickly."

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