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Timber Fencing servicing Carrum Downs 
Spotton Fencing
Location: Servicing Carrum Downs
Mobile: 0421877917

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Member since 2015
Straightcut Fencing
Location: Servicing Carrum Downs
Mobile: 0407567351

Quality work at a realistic price
ABN: 58 991 526 821
Member since 2015
Ocky Maintenance
Location: Servicing Carrum Downs
User: Steve Iacuone
Mobile: 0477 552 272

Repairing the World one fence post at a time!
ABN: 54 739 862 314
Member since 2015
Between 0 and 5 km from Carrum Downs 3201
The Gardeners Warehouse
Location: Carrum Downs, Victoria
User: Joanne
Phone: 03 9770 8569

Fence Extensions - Privacy Screens - Pots - Bagged Garden Products - Plants
ABN: 88 088 560 776
Member since 2006
Middwatt Construction Maintenance + Electrical Services
Location: Carrum Downs, Victoria
User: Paul Watts
Mobile: 0457639096

We are insured and certified business with a team of professional and qualified builders and constructors. We provide accurate and fair pricing, as well as complete jobs 24/7 Call us now to get a quote!
ABN: 42 210 861 686
Member since 2015
Amalgamated Fencing
Location: Seaford, Victoria
Phone: 0412032660
Mobile: 0412032660

Quality timber fences and fence repairs
ABN: 16 907 528 773
Member since 2014
Better Timber Fences
Location: Seaford, Victoria
User: Rainer Pfauder
Phone: 0420639938

ABN: 88 188 018 414
Member since 2015

Timber, Aluminium, Bamboo, General Contractor, Glass, PVC, Rural Fencing, Security, Temporary, Vinyl, Decking Oil, Handyman
ABN: 40 705 753 679
Member since 2015
JAK Building
Location: Carrum, Victoria
User: Joe Krieger
Mobile: 0433392445

Timber, Carpenters, Joinery, Pergolas, Privacy Screens, Skylights, Timber Flooring, Wardrobes
ABN: 66 974 931 479
Member since 2015
Between 5 and 10 km from Carrum Downs 3201
XCV '95' Fencing
Location: Bonbeach, Victoria
Phone: 0418577936
Mobile: 0418577936

Timber fences constructed with quality materials and workmanship
ABN: 60 148 608 915
Member since 2014
Location: Bonbeach, Victoria
Phone: 1800933623
Mobile: 0406357008

Premium quality fencing at affordable prices
ABN: 96 797 698 970
Member since 2015
Purple Building Group
Location: Chelsea, Victoria
User: Adam Blumfield
Phone: 0409007929
Mobile: 0409007929

Come and see the Purple Building Group Difference
ABN: 90 605 114 261
Member since 2015
Del Monaco Constructions
Location: Dandedong, Victoria
Phone: 0407 750 901
Mobile: 0407 750 901

Fencing, Timber, General Contractor, Security, Steel, Shopfitters
ABN: 23 165 617 345
Member since 2013
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Stronghold Fencing
Location: Servicing Carrum Downs
User: Scott McKinnon
Mobile: 0427510872

Stronghold Fencing - provide a wide range of Fencing services, including boundary fencing, paling fencing, timber...
ABN: 83 903 487 584
Member since 2015
Landscape Melbourne Property Services
Location: Servicing Carrum Downs
User: Jeff Lees - General Manager
Phone: 1800 466 815
Mobile: 0423 215 399

Landscape Melbourne Landscaping Services Melbourne
LANDSCAPE MELBOURNE Landscaping Quotes Melbourne GET FREE LANDSCAPING QUOTES MELBOURNE "Advancing The Melbourne...
ABN: 67 723 835 717
Member since 2015
Decksmiths - Decking and electrical
Location: Servicing Carrum Downs
User: Charlie Aydin
Mobile: 0423577472

We design and construct decks, Pergolas and Decorative fencing. We also supply and install indoor and decorative...
ABN: 83 719 810 575
Member since 2015
Mornington Peninsula Property Maintenance
Location: Servicing Carrum Downs
User: Jamie Dugec
Phone: 0431325830

For all your property maintenance needs. Qualified carpenter with 15 years experience, Registered Builder and not...
ABN: 29 230 102 886
Member since 2015
Superior Group of Companies
Location: Servicing Carrum Downs
Phone: 0417067108

Fencing, Timber, Aluminium, Bamboo, Brick, Colorbond Fencing, General Contractor, Glass, PVC, Rural Fencing,...
ABN: 78 542 622 955
Member since 2015

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Timber Fencing servicing Carrum Downs

Amalgamated Fencing

Amalgamated Fencing

By Amalgamated Fencing

Servicing Carrum Downs

Quality timber fences and fence repairs

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Recently completed jobs

Jo from Carrum Downs was connected. "Need to replace the whole timber boundary fence between both my side neighbours and back neighbours. length on side boundaries roughly 30 m each side, width across back boundary is approx 17 m. looking at trying to get this done quite soon. have dogs and there are holes in existing fences which are a problem. also need to get neighbours details & approval. not sure how i do that? do l get invoiced for the whole fence and then have to recoup the money? or does everyone get billed separately?"

Melanie from Carrum Downs was connected. "A long side timber fence needs to be replaced. the fence shares with two neighbours so percentage costs will also need to be quoted."

Michelle from Carrum Downs was connected. "Need quote on timber fence. long side fence from driveway all the way to the back fence and also rear fence."

Sarah from Carrum Downs was connected. "16 meter long 6 foot high fence on the back of our property."

Miguel from Carrum Downs was connected. "Approximately 22 meters including a sliding gate and a door."

Jenny from Carrum Downs was connected. "Back fence needs replacing and i would like a quote on the fence (garage side)"

Steve from Carrum Downs was connected. "Am in the process of selling our house. needing fences: rear perimeter and both left and right sides."

Paul from Carrum Downs was connected. "Timber paling fence along western side of property. prepared to pay extra cost for height above the standard."

Kristinne from Carrum Downs was connected. "Install new fence on both sides of the property. existing neighbour on one side and ongoing construction on the other."

Jenny from 3201 was connected. "I have no existing front side paling fences and would like quote to take down as far as possible to front boundary. no footpaths so i believe the fence needs to stop 5 metres from the gutter. i have council land measurements. i will need to be home at the time of quoting for this reason. also need copy for neighbours either side."