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You are likely to require a drafting service if you are building a new home, renovating or extending your home. Draftsmen are trained to produce the necessary technical drawings that cover all aspects of such a project.

What is Drafting?

Drafting is the process of creating building plans, typically with the aid of powerful Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs. Drafters will often work in conjunction with architects and engineers to produce these technical drawings. Architects will often call on drafters to create drawings based on their initial concepts.

A drafting professional will be able to provide detailed plans for any style of building, including modern, classic, cottage, unit or commercial/industrial. They can also produce detailed plans of kitchens and bathrooms if these rooms are to be renovated. This not only allows you to get a sense of your project, it also gives you a visual overview of all the practical elements involved before any work commences. 

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Working with a Drafting Professional

Speak with your draftsperson first to ensure that they share your vision for the property and that you are comfortable with their services. As always, ask for recommendations and ask to see prior work. Ensure that your chosen draftsperson is willing to change the plans to suit your requirements and budget if it becomes necessary. Most drafters work on an hourly basis or base their quotes on estimates of how long a project will take to complete. Information that they will require includes the exact scope and nature of your building or renovation project and how much of the design work you expect them to do.

Submissions to Council

All local councils require the appropriate plans to be submitted for any new or remedial building works. A qualified drafting service will be able to produce these and help you submit these to your local council. Your drafting professional will complete, or help you to complete applications for development approval, building licenses and permits, planning permits and whatever else your council may require.

How Much Does a Drafter Cost?

Drafters will generally charge on a percentage basis, against the total cost of a building project. For smaller projects they are likely to give you a flat rate quote - say for producing basic drawings - which can be broken down into an hourly rate, for example $95 per hour. This figure can vary widely depending on the location and experience of the drafter. The complexity of the project will also be a factor in the overall cost of any quote - and every project has its own unique requirements.


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