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Western Bamboo can provide knowledgeable advice and assistance to determine if bamboo will suit your situation. We can supply beautiful and functional bamboo plants and bamboo timber for your courtyard, balcony, garden or farm. You can get bamboo landscape and water feature ideas and advice, or assistance with industrial, agricultural, permaculture and aquaponics uses of bamboo plants from
Western Bamboo

Western Bamboo

*** 15% discount applies to Seabreeze Bamboo until 31 July 15 ***

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Western Bamboo
provides bamboo plants and giant grasses to help create that beautiful landscape that you are looking to achieve. Western Bamboo specialises in supplying species to create attractive and functional living screens and windbreaks, or if you are after a head-turning feature plant, back-drop to a pond or just a clump of bamboo for your chook yard, you can call on Western Bamboo for sound advice.

Perhaps you want a bamboo plant that will provide you and your family with delicious bamboo shoots every year, or maybe you want to grow your own bamboo garden stakes or timber. With over one hundred different species and varieties, Western Bamboo is sure to have just the right bamboo for you! Get in touch with Western Bamboo to arrange a time for a visit, and a walk through the bamboo gardens.

Western Bamboo, in conjunction with Western Waterchestnuts, also supplies delicious Chinese waterchestnuts, either for use in your favourite recipe or to add a touch of verdant green to your water garden. Harvesting and available soon! (June 2015) Click Here

Western Bamboo is also the sole supplier of Cafe'nure, an amazing new sweet smelling, 100% organic, manure-based fertiliser that is perfect for ensuring your new bamboo plants get off to a flying start, especially in the typically sandy soil associated with the Swan Coastal Plain.

****** 20% discount applies to Seabreeze Bamboo until 31 March 15 ******

The most popular species over the last few months are:

Oldhams Bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii)
Slender Weavers Bamboo (Bambusa textilis gracilis) and
Himalayan Weeping Bamboo (Drepanostachyum falcatum).

Some of the other bamboo species stocked and ready to go are:

Oriental Hedge Bamboo (Bambusa multiplex)
Black Bamboo
(Phyllostachys nigra)
Timor Black Bamboo
(Bambusa lako)
Painted Bamboo
(Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata')
Mexican Weeping Bamboo
(Otatea acuminata 'Aztecorum')
Fountain Bamboo
(Fargesia nitida)
Dolly Bamboo
(Bambusa dolichomerithalla 'Greenstripe')
Buddha's Belly Bamboo
(Bambusa ventricosa)
Giant Buddha's Belly Bamboo
(Bambusa vulgaris 'Wamin')
Asper Bamboo
(Dendrocalamus asper 'Thai Green')
Golden Bamboo
(Phyllostachys aurea)
Weavers Bamboo
(Bambusa textilis)
Dark Weavers Bamboo
(Bambusa textilis fasca)
Smooth Weavers Bamboo
(Bambusa textilis glabra)
Ghost Bamboo
(Dendrocalamus minor amoenus)
Jade Goddess Bamboo
(Bambusa boniopsis)
Sweet Dragon Bamboo
(Dendrocalamus brandisii)
Oxeye Bamboo
(Bambusa eutuldoides)
China Gold Bamboo
(Bambusa eutuldoides viridi-vittata)
Java Black Bamboo
(Gigantochloa atroviolacea)
Seabreeze Bamboo
(Bambusa malingensis)
Blue Bamboo
(Bambusa chungii)
Kimmei Bamboo
(Bambusa ventricosa 'Kimmei')
Arrow Bamboo
(Pseudosasa japonica)
Simon's Bamboo
(Pleioblastus simonii)
Noble Bamboo, Narihira Bamboo
(Semiarundinaria fastuosa 'Viridis')
Stately Bamboo
(Semiarundinaria fastuosa)
Temple Bamboo
(Sinobambusa tootsik)
Pygmy Bamboo
(Pleioblastus pygmaeus)
Dwarf Fernleaf Bamboo
(Pleioblastus distichus)
Tsuboi Bamboo
(Pleioblastus shibuyanus 'Tsuboi')
Shiroshima Bamboo
(Hibanobambusa tranquillans 'Shiroshima')
Green Onion Bamboo
(Pseudosasa japonica 'Tsutsumiana')
Marble Bamboo
(Chimonobambusa marmorea)
Dwarf Greenstripe Bamboo
(Pleioblastus viridistriata)
Kurile Islands Bamboo
(Sasa kurilensis)
Red Margin Bamboo
(Phyllostachys rubromarginata)
Castillons Bamboo
(Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Castillonis')
Water Bamboo
(Phyllostachys heteroclada),

but there are dozens more species available!

Other associated plants stocked are:

Tiger Grass (Thysanolaena maxima)Giant Reed (Arundo donax)
Variegated Giant Reed
(Arundo donax versicolor)
Umbrella Plant/Reed/Sedge
(Cyperus alternifolius)
Baby Panda Grass
(Pogonatherun paniceum)
Sugar Cane
(Saccharum officinarum)
(Cyperus papyrus)
Dwarf Papyrus
(Cyperus papyrus nana)
Mondo Grass
(Ophiopogon japonicus)
Zoysia Grass
(Zoysia tenuifolia)

Still more plants stocked are:

Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis)
Pygmy Date Palm
(Phoenix roebelenii)
WA Peppermint Tree
(Agonis flexuosa)
Balga (Grass Tree/Black Boy)
(Xanthorrhoea preissii)

Other items stocked are as follows:

beautiful, decorative ceramic pots designed for bamboo;
bamboo t-shirts in various designs, colours and sizes;
Goldfish in a range of sizes and colours;
Beyond-Free-Range chook, duck and goose eggs; and
Uniseals in a range of sizes, including 1", 1.5", 2", 3" and 4" (very handy for aquaponics applications).

Email your inquiry now and we will do our best to help you out.

Qualification Details

- BSc (UNSW),
- Cert II/III Hort Landscape
- Corporate member of the Bamboo Society of Australia bsa.org.au
- Former board member of the Bamboo Society of Australia bsa.org.au
- Qualified 'Rhizome Wrestler'
- Passion and enthusiasm for bamboo plants and their uses.

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Judy Carroll

"Western Bamboo provided additional service in offering professional advice and checking on the exact quantity of plants I needed instead of assuming I would know the quantity. Always replied very promptly to any questions and very courteous."

Nurseries - Plants April 16, 2015

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Kristina Claesson

"Peter was most helpful, quick reply and good info! Thank you."

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Gail Saul

"Very good service with great advice."

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Sunita Gaby connected with Western Bamboo through hipages.com.au and we have confirmed that they would recommend them

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