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We have been building Australia's finest staircases for almost 90 years.

Stairs by Slattery & Acquroff

When Slattery & Acquroff began in the 1920's, the modern 'Deco' style was predominant, but in later decades the focus shifted towards classic reproductions - Victorian in the 70's, Federation in the 80's, while in the 90's Georgian and Tuscan styles prevailed. What has not changed in all this time has been our insistence on a high level of excellence.

Feature Stairs

Feature stairs can be either classic or contemporary in design because what defines them is not so much their style as their prominence and importance to the interior design as a whole. Feature stairs are a statement, they represent the designer’s commitment to complete harmony of the space that the stairs inhabit. Beautiful, extravagant, lavish stairs evoke emotion and demand attention. Great designers know what a great staircase can offer a building. As staircase designers and manufacturers, we view feature stairs as a special treat.

Contemporary Stairs

Contemporary stairs offer the designer opportunities that classic designs don’t – individuality and design. With the ever increasing array of materials on offer in staircase design, architects have an almost limitless range of alternatives to choose from. Contemporary stair design in the 50’s and 60’s delivered some ‘classic’ results. In the 20’s and 30’s Art Deco stairs were contemporary but now they’re ‘classic’. The 70’s and 80’s were forgettable in terms of classic design and the 90’s were no better, so here’s hoping that the ‘noughties’ will produce staircase designs that will one day be included in our range of classic staircases

Modern Stairs

Modern stairs typically look clean and sleek. They often incorporate material such as glass and stainless steel and create a focal point for the home. With so many options now available in stair components and materials, modern stairs allows the designer to let their imaginations run wild.

Traditional Stairs

Creating staircases of style and character, in the true traditions of a particular architectural era is something that you should only trust to the experts. Whether you are renovating, extending or building from scratch in any of the classical styles such as Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, Federation, Art Deco or Arts and Crafts, you deserve to have attention paid to the integral design of the stair as well as the finer details.

Classic Stairs

Classic stairs are reflective and have in the past at times fallen victim to the parody syndrome where grand designs of say the Victorian era are reproduced with little regard to detail, form or truth, only imitation. However, we build truly magnificent reproduction or classic stairs that we are extremely proud of. We build these stairs with the same attention to detail and passion that the originals were famous for, utilising similar quality materials, construction methods and craftsmanship. We have been privileged to build stairs in the Australian Government Parliament House, heritage protected hotels in Bendigo and Ballarat, grand mansions around Australia and international embassies in Canberra. Classic stairs have been and will remain a tradition and a pleasure for us to build as we have done for the past ninety years, and hopefully will do for the next ninety.

Curved Stairs

Slattery & Acquroff have been the curved (geometric) staircase builders of choice in Australia for almost 90 years. The art of building curved stairs can not be learned overnight. We carefully select and train a specialised team of people who we recognise as having the patience and skills required to visualise, design and craft a geometric stair to the customers' particular requirements. Company founder, Alec Acquroff learned the art of crafting geometric staircases in Edinburgh almost one hundred years ago. Whilst he would be overwhelmed by the precision and speed of our state of the art computerised machinery, he would instantly recognise our ability to design stairs with a meticulous eye for line and detail as his legacy passed down through the generations.

Spiral Stairs

Making a decorative statement in the home, spiral stairs can have a modern or a traditional style. Our signature spiral stair is the Helix Spiral, which provides more generous footstep area, making the transition up and down the stair a safer one.

Commercial Stairs

We have built commercial stairs for retail business such as cafes, nursing homes and apartment buildings, to name a few. The high quality materials used by Slattery and Acquroff ensure that our stairs will stand the test of time, particularly for commercial stairs which are subject to high foot traffic.

External Stairs

As the name implies, external stairs are installed on the outside of the building. In the example below these stairs serve as a fire escape for this building.

StepSure Winder

Traditionally, the winder steps used on 'U' and 'L' shape stairs were small, triangular and a major cause of nasty tumbles. With the release of our StepSure™ Winder System however, stair safety has turned the corner. In addition to making the turning steps more regular in shape and much easier to navigate, the new StepSure system provides a spacious (and substantially rectangular) corner landing area. So even on stairs that take a sharp 90 degree turn, people can now go up or down with a far greater feeling of security.

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Stairs by Slattery & Acquroff

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