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Southern Landscapes & Lawn Maintenance Pty. Ltd.

Southern Landscapes & Lawn Maintenance Pty. Ltd.

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Mornington, Cranbourne, Portsea

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Southern Landscapes provide services such as landscape design and garden maintenance for Melbourne's South East suburbs and Mornington Peninsula

Southern Landscapes & Lawn Maintenance Pty. Ltd.

About Us
If you're looking for a Mornington Peninsula landscaper with creative ideas, great landscape designs and fully qualified gardeners, Southern Landscapes provide a consummate landscaping service in all areas of landscape gardening, gardens and lawns. Our portfolio extends across both domestic and commercial landscaping projects and we take great pride in both our quality of workmanship and customer service.

“Good communication is important to the success of your project and as a team we constantly provide updates and are always available should any questions arise”. We apply our knowledge and experience of Victorian gardens with ultimate professionalism to all of our clients landscaping and gardening requirements, large or small.

Southern Landscapes also offer an expert monthly lawn and garden maintenance program, costed fairly according to your requirements. Give us a call today for a FREE LAWN AND GARDEN MAINTENANCE ESTIMATE!

Landscape Design and Consultation
The best landscape designs come from a landscaping company with creative ideas, expert skill and local knowledge. For ideal residential or commercial landscapes in Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula, Southern Landscapes are your team.

Whether you are landscaping your front garden, need a backyard design or are looking at a complete landscape architecture plan, Southern Landscapes bring design reality to great ideas.

A balance between hard and soft landscaping is important in creating a landscape design that will both work well and look great. Also, your block’s size, your budget and time-frame all factor in, as well as the materials, shapes, colours and plants used. Melbourne's climate is a known unknown and designing your landscape to deal with the weather and environment, above and below ground is as much a part of landscape design as the visual beauty of it.

We are experienced in all facets of garden and landscape design, specialising in:

  • Garden landscaping design - domestic and commercial, small to large
  • Landscape courtyard design - hard and soft landscaping, paving, gardens, features and irrigation
  • Landscape deck design - pergolas, timber decking, verandahs, gazebos
  • Landscaped driveways - concreting, paving, exposed aggregate and plantings
  • Drought friendly plant selection - indigenous and other
  • Landscaping lighting design - energy efficient, ambient, night lights and solar
  • Water feature landscaping - water-wise installations, ponds and retaining walls
  • Swimming pool landscaping - coping, plantings, fencing, features and surrounds

    An informative consultation with Southern Landscapes is a great place to start for some savvy landscaping ideas. Gain inspiration, look at some design ideas and discuss options with us. In full consultation with you, our landscape designer will develop a plan to match the style and vision you want for your perfect landscape design.

    The initial onsite consultation with our landscape designer is typically 1 - 1.5 hours. Here you can also discuss design options and products and view other projects in the Southern Landscapes portfolio. Following the consultation, a proposal will be made outlining the fees to develop a comprehensive concept plan.

    Landscape Paving
    Complimenting your outdoor areas perfectly, Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula landscaping company Southern Landscapes design and install practical and creative paving for gardens, pools, courtyards, entertainment areas, patios and landscaping.
    Paving designs should not only look good but also need to be sturdy and manageable. The highly functional and aesthetic benefits of paving also match its adaptability. Southern Landscapes provide a range of styles in paving for many applications including garden paving, courtyard landscaping, pools and patios.

    The colours, shapes and designs available for paving are enormous and the materials used in paving also vary. Made from brick, concrete or natural stone, pavers come in many forms and variations. Making the right selection for your paving project is based on the application, the garden and architectural surroundings, personal preferences and your budget and time-frame. Southern Landscapes can give you clear information and guidance on the availability and suitability of any of the pavers and paving designs you may like to choose from.

    Popular types of paving in Melbourne include crazy paving, concrete paving and brick paving in all sorts of colour schemes, textures and patterns. New and secondhand pavers can be used with varying effects as can for example, interlocking and mixed patterns.

    As part of hard landscaping, paving creates useful spaces in gardens as pathways, under clotheslines, around pools or as featured entertaining areas. Durable and versatile, paving is also an effective substitute for grass where droughts and water usage are an ongoing concern in Melbourne. As a feature, paving done well looks stunning with patterns and styles ranging from simple plain or coloured concrete slabs to classic red herringbone bricks or the mixed textures and colours of crazy paving designs. Southern Landscapes paving themes and styles can be matched to whatever your plans and architectural vision imagines.

    Retaining Walls
    Retaining walls are important structures in landscape design but are also ideal as landscape features. Southern Landscapes design innovative retaining walls for all types of gardens and landscapes in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.
    Earth and soil move around and sometimes need to be retained. But the beauty of retaining walls is also form. Although primarily functional, retaining walls are perfect "blank canvases" for creating garden or landscaping features.

    Retaining walls can be a great way to not only protect your home and building from earth falling incorrectly but can also help with erosion and water drainage. Retaining walls are also used to create levels and useful surfaces in your landscape. Sloping terrain can be transformed into accessible flat areas which can be landscaped and gardened as you wish. Providing stability and usability, exciting retaining wall ideas can become beautiful features in your garden. Our team at Southern Landscapes can use concrete, timber and wood, brick, stone and treated pine sleeper among many other materials in the construction of retaining walls.

    There are a multitude of types, shapes, colours and textures of materials available for building a retaining wall. Each suitable material has its own benefits and advantages - concrete blocks for example are strong, flexible and very colour adaptable, stone is naturally beautiful and has subtle variations in colour, texture and shape, rocks can be used to great dramatic effect and timber can be utilised horizontally and add warmth visually to a retaining wall. In consultation with you, Southern Landscapes carefully choose the materials and design to blend in with the requirements and look you want to make sure your retaining wall is not only engineered properly but aesthetically compliments your landscape and surroundings with style.

    Rainwater Tanks
    Southern Landscapes make sure you get the right size, type and shape water tank for your Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula property. Rainwater and garden tanks are an asset when installed by our highly skilled team.
    Rainwater tanks come in various materials, shapes and colours. However, one of the most important elements in choosing the right tank for your needs is the size. The right water tank will provide plenty of fresh, free water and can save you a lot of money for years to come.

    The variation in sizes of water tanks is enormous, ranging from 50 litres to 50,000 litres. Selecting the right size depends on a number of factors including your block size, amount and type of water usage, plumbing fixtures and quality and regularity of use. For example, a single residential building on a block between 300 - 500 m2 may only need a 2,000 litre tank. Another, on a 500 - 800 m2 block may require a minimum of a 4,000 litre tank. After a thorough consultation with you, Southern Landscapes will assess your block, usage and requirements and recommend the right tank for you.

    The shape and colour of your water tank also plays a part in its convenience and how it will look in your landscape. Different brands are available in slimline, round, rectangular, low profile and tubular shapes. Colours vary from bright to subtle. Generally, the most popular rainwater tanks are made from steel or polyethylene but other types include concrete, fibreglass and PVC bladder water tanks. Whichever type of rainwater tank you choose, Southern Landscapes installations are cost-effective, neat and professional including secure base preparation and safely installed pumps. By working efficiently, we also keep the cost down, making the whole installation as it should be to provide an ongoing fresh supply of your very own rainwater to last you many years to come.

    Choosing the right fencing for your property in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula requires expert advice. Southern Landscapes fencing combines all of the practical, aesthetic and construction requirements to build fencing that fits perfectly.
    Fencing provides many things - privacy from neighbours, protection from the weather, a property border, containment of pets, children and gardens and purely decorative beauty. In all cases, your fence needs to stand up to the job. Southern Landscapes provide fencing that ticks all the boxes and looks fantastic too!

    Fences come in many shapes and forms. From traditional and classic fences to modern and contemporary. Likewise, the materials used vary. Some of the most popular choices for Melbourne fences, include:

  • Brush fencing - Brushwood panels are a natural privacy screen with a neutral colour
  • Picket fencing - traditional or contemporary, timber pickets remains a classic
  • Merbau fencing - versatile and modern, Merbau is popular for front fences and privacy screens
  • Paling fencing - very affordable, palings are adaptable and versatile. Able to be cut to angles, slopes are no problem
  • Pool fencing - timber, steel, aluminum or glass can be used for pool fencing. Our pool fencing is constructed strictly to Australian Safety Standards.
  • Colourbond fencing - very strong and durable, colourbond fencing is an asset to homes and provides extra security. A large variety of colours are available
  • Chainwire fencing - where privacy is not the main concern, chainwire fencing is a cost-effective solution, especially good in semi-rural or open areas
  • Mesh fencing - mesh fencing in different grades and weights provides increased security, whether for temporary or permanent use

    As professional fencing contractors, Southern Landscapes look at all of the elements in installing your fence - Council restrictions, safety, specifications, cost and suitability of materials and of course the look you want to achieve visually.

    Concrete Paving, Pathways and Driveways
    Strong, adaptable and beautiful, concrete pavers and slabs are perfect for homes in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. All-in-one professional garden and landscaping company Southern Landscapes provide complete concreting solutions for gardens, driveways and paths.

    Concrete is one of the most versatile materials available for many applications including paths, driveways, entertaining areas and garden beds, to name a few. Well known for its strength, concrete is also extremely adaptable - it can be coloured, textured and shaped in endless variations to match any landscaping needs.

    Southern Landscapes provide all types of small and large concreting solutions for homes in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Types of concreting and finishes vary greatly and there's plenty of room for colour choices to suit. Concrete acid washes and sealing are also used to further protect the concrete, for example on driveways. This makes for a very low-maintenance, affordable, long-lasting surface. As a porous and flexible material, concrete is an ideal material for all weather and conditions, making it a prime choice for Australian homes.

    Our reliable and qualified concrete team are well experienced in all lines of concreting including:

  • Plain concreting - for a simple finish where a different colour is not needed
  • Coloured concreting - choose a colour to exactly match what you want
  • Pattern concreting - add creative and textured concrete patterns
  • Exposed Aggregate - with variations of aggregates, colourings and finishes

    Whether looking at concrete pavers, slabs, coloured, plain, patterned concrete or exposed aggregate for your driveway, retaining wall, small path or large courtyard, Southern Landscapes work within within your budget and time-frame and will do the job properly. Our work is carried out with professionalism and skill, efficiently with no fuss and our team are happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions before starting to make sure you get exactly the finish and colour you want.

    Landscape Construction
    Southern Landscapes deliver complete living garden designs from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula. With free onsite quotes available for any size garden, our highly experienced team create garden landscapes with efficiency and style.
    New and established gardens and landscapes, small properties to large scale corporate developments, Southern Landscapes flexibility in garden designs and wide-ranging skills meet the needs of any garden requirements. As a head start, our obligation-free quote offer ensures no-risk in determining the best garden landscaping for your home or site.

    Affordable, creative and practical, Southern Landscapes design gardens for all sizes of domestic and commercial garden landscaping needs. Our large, highly experienced team have the knowledge and resources to fill your requirements, budget and time-frame. Whether renovating the garden of your small courtyard, choosing garden plants for your pergola or an entire garden landscape design for a corporate development, Southern Landscapes bring ideas, inspiration and practicality to garden landscaping designs.

    Even the smallest garden area benefits from creative gardening. You may like to include pots, a leafy path, drought tolerant plants, a vegetable patch, a water feature or hanging plants as a few examples. A retaining wall may be utilised or some garden beds and mulching to rejuvenate an old area of your garden. Maybe your backyard doesn't match your building or the front garden needs a lift. Going to the local garden centre for a look may have helped but having a chat with some professional garden designers from Southern Landscapes will provide you with information directly about your garden requirements and what's going to work best for you.

    Garden ideas are only limited by the imagination and with expert guidance from our team, the most suitable materials and the right plan can bring it all into fruition. Southern Landscapes garden services include consultation, plan, design and installation to make your garden landscaping solution an easy process with a great result.

    Decking and Pergolas
    Give your home and lifestyle in Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula more useable breathing space. Southern Landscapes create amazing decks and pergolas for gardens and outdoor areas that are both beautiful and functional.

    Building a deck to last requires not only proper skill and planning but also the right use of materials and a creative touch. Whether you want a timber or composite deck, decking for a Gazebo, verandah, carport or outdoor room safety is paramount. We construct all decks to meet Australian Safety standards.

    Southern Landscapes are experienced and qualified in designing and building high quality decking that is both affordable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

    Decking is the perfect solution where there is high foot traffic or in areas that are weather prone or otherwise less accessible, such as at a higher level than an adjoining area. Southern Landscapes decking is customised according to your requirements and our quality construction adds value to your house as well as your lifestyle. As an asset to your landscape, decking can also bridge the gap between your home and garden, creating more integrated indoor / outdoor living.

    Complimenting a deck brilliantly, a pergola creates a defined space going up and provides shade and greenery to outdoor areas. Adding a pergola to your home will not only add value to your home and lifestyle by giving you an additional ‘outdoor room’ but can also add a wonderful focal point to any garden or landscaped area. It allows you to spend more time outdoors entertaining or simply have an area to sit and enjoy your garden from the comfort of a covered area.

    With a wide variety of materials and designs to choose from a pergola can add style and beauty to any home.

    At first, it may seem that another installation into your garden will take up more room but decks and pergolas are actually a great way to add space to your outdoor living area. Decking is extremely useful for entertaining areas under pergolas, with garden walls, over wet areas and for plant boxes, as some examples, and also looks beautiful.

    Irrigation and Watering Systems
    Garden irrigation systems in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula need to meet the requirements of our modern water usage. Southern Landscapes garden irrigation and watering systems are high quality, attractive and eco-friendly, saving you money and water.
    Water is a precious resource and water costs continue to rise. However, we need water and so do our plants, lawns and gardens. Melbourne's weather is unpredictable and rain comes and goes. Give your garden and pocket the best long term well-being plan with irrigation by Southern Landscapes.

    The benefits of irrigation are huge. Not only does it save water and money but also helps your garden. By providing the right minimum amount and regularity of watering, Southern Landscapes irrigation systems maximise the efficiency of your landscape water usage and helps your garden thrive. Our extensive experience in this field assures you get the best out of your water whether coming from water tanks, bore water or the mains line.

    Melbourne irrigation systems and garden watering systems vary - from drip watering systems and water weepers to garden sprinkler systems. Melbourne conditions also vary and the best product choices depend on your requirements, budget, soil and preferences, as examples. However, when making selections, it's important to look at products suitable for your general location - for example tap timers for Australia. The team at Southern Landscapes have the knowledge to provide the best information on the right products for your requirements. After an analysis of your landscaping water usage and garden needs, we can then implement a plan and water irrigation system that will best meet your requirements and provide you maintenance information. All Southern Landscapes irrigation and watering systems are designed and constructed to be the most environmentally friendly and suitable available and to fall well within your budget and time-frame.

    Lawns, Turf and Synthetic Grass
    Stay green year all round in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula with Southern Landscapes lawn and turf. Laying all types of turf, we specialise in water-wise and cost-saving beautiful turf solutions.
    Luxurious lawn and turf is possible without using a lot of water and can provide loads of benefits that you may otherwise miss. Melburnians, like much of Australia love outdoor living and even a small stretch of nice green grass can add a lot of value to your lifestyle at home.

    There are a many turf and lawn types available for differing applications and further varieties are always being developed. Examples of popular residential turf types in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula include soft leaf Buffalo, Kikuyu, Santa Ana and Tall Fescue. Each have their own advantages and distinct looks, feels and colours. Some have broad leaves or a capacity to mow low, some are deep rooted, drought tolerant, indigenous, sun loving, soft, hardy or prefer the shade.

    In helping you work out which turf type to lay Southern Landscapes take into consideration the look, feel, location, soil type, size and purpose of the turf among other things. After consultation with you, we will assess your soil conditions, watering capabilities, intended use (family, pets, vehicles, etc.) and sun exposure and also do a maintenance evaluation to determine which variety will work best for your requirements.

    Beautiful green turf looks stunning but the benefits of having your own healthy lawn go beyond what meets the eye. Lawns actually help to purify and cool the air and are a source of plant oxygen exchange. Turf is a natural filter, protecting water quality and the environment. It helps reduce glare and noise and provides a safe place for children and pets. Maybe best of all, a well-maintained lawn increases the value of your property.

    Synthetic Grass and Artificial Lawns
    Want an instant low-maintenance, lush green lawn with no watering for your Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula property? Southern Landscapes supply and install excellent synthetic grass that looks real but doesn't cost the earth.

    The benefits of synthetic grass over natural turf and lawn are really worth considering, especially if your time is better spent on things other than watering, mowing, feeding, edging and blowing your lawn on the weekends!

    Advances on the manufacture of artificial turf have given rise to superior products in more recent years. Synthetic grass is now a real option that doesn't detract from the multi-functional normal uses of our lawns. In fact, synthetic lawn is sometimes better. Traditional lawns take up a lot of our time, need regular maintenance, can get muddy, messy and weed-ridden. A synthetic lawn on the other hand provides a great expanse of useable green that you can still play, lie down, park and run around on but doesn't need watering or much care at all. If you go away or there's a drought or torrential rains, you don't need to worry about it.

    Even though its artificial, synthetic grass still requires expert installation for best results. As professionals in lawn, turf and synthetic grass, Southern Landscapes apply proper care and attention to your installation. For example, a lot of time needs to be spent in making sure all the subsurface drainage and fixing of the turf is fitted correctly to ensure the turfs longevity. Our fully trained and highly skilled team make sure all the preparations are neat and secure to give you a forever lush green lawn with a perfect result.

    Water Features
    Water features are a real focus to any landscaped garden. Water features in your garden create a sensory depth that you can see, hear, feel and touch.
    From simple water fountains to architectural water curtains, reflection ponds and natural looking creek beds, water features are an incomparable asset to your home and lifestyle.

    Water, as a moving substance, changes shape constantly and so needs to be channelled for proper flow. Spillways can form part of the water feature, creating an even flow of water over the water feature's materials. Spillways can also create a naturalistic effect at the head of waterfalls.

    There are endless design possibilities from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional styles that can be incorporated into any size and type of landscape. Southern Landscapes garden water feature designs are sculptural and adaptable, utilising many materials including glass, timber, earth, clay, metal, glass, stones and pebbles, concrete and brick to carry and accentuate the natural dynamic beauty of water.

    With precision and creativity, Southern Landscapes will integrate spillways into water features and our water installations are also made to be water-efficient, using eco-friendly water circulation systems for energy saving and efficiency. Water features such as ponds and fish ponds can even be beneficial to your garden, keeping mosquitos away and attracting native birds.

    The ranges of colours, sizes, complexity and types of systems in water features are huge. Southern Landscapes provide expert advice, design and installation of water features within your budget, time-frame and environmental requirements to compliment your home.

    Lawn and Garden Maintenance
    A regular garden maintenance plan is an investment in your property. In Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, Southern Landscapes garden maintenance programs are completed by highly skilled and fully qualified landscaping professionals who love gardens.
    New and established gardens need care to do well. Regular maintenance not only allows your garden to be healthy but makes ongoing maintenance easier and more time-efficient. Southern Landscapes garden maintenance caters for any size and type of requirement from a small tidy up to large tree removal.

    Hedges, trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, lawns and all parts of your garden flourish with regular maintenance. Southern Landscapes apply a great depth of knowledge and skill in garden maintenance and use only safe, good quality tools and products. Our complete garden maintenance services for lawns, gardens and landscapes include:

  • General gardening - plus tidy ups and rubbish removal
  • High pressure water cleaning - driveways, paths and outdoor areas
  • Lawn mowing - and complete lawn care
  • Tree and shrub removal - neat removal or relocation if required
  • Pruning and trimming - including dead-heading and shaping
  • Slashing - all thick and long grass eradicated
  • Fertilising - the right products for specific plants, applied correctly
  • Pruning - proper pruning to avoid disease and promote healthy growth
  • Weed control - return nutrients to the plants that need them
  • Rubbish removal - get rid of unwanted and hazardous debris.

    A well-maintained landscape not only looks and matures at its best but also highlights the building it surrounds. Its amazing how good your house will look after some expert maintenance from Southen Landscapes! Our monthly expert maintenance program gives you peace-of-mind and relief knowing that your garden will be properly cared for. An added bonus in monthly maintenance is that each month, you will see the improvement in the quality and health of your garden and feel assured that you are making a very worthwhile investment.

    We are happy to recommend Southern Landscapes who were most professional from the important detailed quote to finished product. They were courteous and willing to discuss concepts and once started continued to completion on schedule. Our front garden was transformed with drought tolerant plantings and two years on has now grown to an easy on the eye and easily maintained area.
    Linda and Graham, Mount Martha

    Extremely impressed with the work ethics and professionalism of the team. The paving, terracing and landscaping at the school fell well within budget. Liaising with Darren was not a problem with quotes being prompt and finished work being of a very high quality.
    Kevin Graham, Carrum Downs Primary School

    The result of the landscape is well above our expectation, we found the service , quality of work and overall design as top of the line, we keep getting compliments from visitors that coming to our office. Thanks again.
    Elad Zohar, Alfasi Steel Constructions

    Thanks once again for exceeding our expectations. Your professionalism, execution and follow up, continue to surprise us. Thanks for the fantastic work.
    Bill Morris, WGM Constructions

    We are very pleased and happy to recommend Darren the Principle owner of Southern Landscapes. We found that the advice and quality of service on two projects that have been done by Darren on our property has increased the apperance and value of our home and it is pleasing to recieve compliments from neighbours and visitors, we have trust in Darren and his team and will be using his company again without seeking other quotations, thanks again for doing a terrific job.
    Fred and Terri

    Thank you so much for the terrific work you undertook at our place to supply and install the irrigation system throughout our garden. A special thanks for all the trouble you went to install a new tap and associated fittings and for setting up the automatic timing system which is so easy to use. The whole system is working beautifully and we are more than happy with the end result. We also have no hesitation in mentioning your name to our friends who are looking to simplify their lives by putting in an automatic system.
    Robert & Lynda, Mount Eliza

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    Qualification Details

  • Completion of COS Horticulture
  • AFL Traineeship in Horticulture
  • Certified Curator
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    Retaining Walls
    Water Features
    Rainwater Tanks
    Southern Landscapes & Lawn Maintenance Pty. Ltd.

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