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Elizabeth Keenan

Lifestyle Solutions Centre, 78 Mt Perry RD, Bundaberg North QLD 4670

Bundaberg North, Queensland

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If you are building or renovating, Simplistic Solutions has created a one stop shop to save you time and money, check out our innovative showroom today.

"See it to believe it" before you build or renovate it!

Simplistic Solutions

Welcome to Simplistic Solutions

Elizabeth and Cameron have been in building & service industries all of their lives, so they know a thing or two when it comes to customer satisfaction. Elizabeth's passion has always been in home design and interior decoration plus in recent years she has worked as a new homes and renovations consultant.

Simplistic Solutions answers the age old question of.. "what will this look like when it's finished?" and turns your plans and colour swatches, into your completed dream home with all the colours, textures and styles as it would be when finished. All before the very first nail is driven in.

You will no longer have to leave everything up to your imagination, hoping that you and the colour consultant have got it right! Waiting to see if it looks like you hoped!

This brings with it great piece of mind (let alone a lot less stress!), allowing you to get on with what you need to concentrate on with the building of your new house.

What we Offer:

With Simplistic Solutions you are not just limited to new homes. Simplistic Solutions is a great resource for renovators who are needing inspiration or simply need to see what they have created prior to committing to hundreds of dollars worth of paint and supplies.

Doors, Handles, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Screens etc. You name it, Simplistic Solutions can help you with the lot.


  • Building and Renovating experience for over 29 years. There is no job to big or small for the Simplistic Solutions Team.

  • QBSA Licence 522669

Service Categories

Bathroom Renovations
Building Consultants
Building Designers
Construction Project Management
Door Suppliers
Home Renovations
Retaining Walls

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