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Brisbane based company delivering affordable homes of architectural quality, constructed with superior building materials and practices.


Builtex Design & Construction P/L

Welcome to Builtex

When it comes to building your new home finding the right team to work with makes all the difference. We are committed to bringing experience, stability, flexibility, reliability and complete start to finish management to your building project. With Builtex Homes on your side you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction with your ‘pride & joy’.

Our dedication to communication, high quality work and attention to detail has given us a track record of satisfied customers and well built homes. That track record has not happened by chance. We have evolved a communication and project management style that gives high quality life to your vision. Our aim is the best possible outcome for you.

We follow a relentless commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, not just for our own professional satisfaction but to ensure your journey completes in excellence. We have built our business around providing you with the best building experience you can have.

Building can and should be an enjoyable experience. We have dedicated ourselves to making sure that your journey is not only successful but pleasant as well. Here are the top four benefits of working with the Builtex team on your next construction.

Designed to provide you with the best building experience you can have, from our first meeting to the day you move in, you’ll experience professional, friendly communications matched with best quality practices and project management.

Education and Knowledge
Constructing a home is a team effort of which you are a pivotal member. Your knowledge and awareness is crucial to ensure a great project outcome and a home that you and your family can be proud of. We make sure you are empowered with all the information you require to make decisions before, during and after construction so that you and your family are properly looked after.

Upfront and Complete Pricing
Price will be long forgotten, but a bad experience will cost you more and you will never forget it. Sometimes a big part of a bad experience is the final price tag. There are a variety of Builders, Architects and combinations out there and just as many pricing models. Many companies unfortunately undercut the market with low pricing and hide or disguise in contractual fineprint the actual end cost of a development. We give you complete pricing upfront guaranteed so that you know from the outset what your end costs will be.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back.
Builtex Homes provides a design guarantee. If we are unable to provide a design to your satisfaction with your requirements and within your budget we will give you your money back., WE KEEP IT SIMPLE- NO RISK TO YOU.

Full and Complete Documentation
Great documentation with clear and precise information for and from all parties involved is perhaps one of the most important factors to a successful outcome. We make sure you know what you need and that it is properly completed by you, our staff, councils and all parties involved in your construction. We at Builtex Homes are proud to say that in the past 14 years we have never had a customer complaint to the Building Services Authority and never had a sub-contractor complaint. If it's done right upfront then there are no unforeseen hassles.
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