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Boral is one of Australia’s largest building products and construction materials suppliers including clay bricks, roof tiles and manufactured stone cladding. Boral Bricks has 6 brick manufacturing sites across QLD, NSW, VIC and WA for new home building, renovations, commercial and government construction.

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Home Owners & Renovators Clay Brick Selection
Boral clay bricks and pavers in variety of styles, colours and textures to suit all styles of home and gardens. Find brick suppliers for standard, 50mm and double height brick sizes to suit new and modern homes and clay pavers for patios, driveways, paths and paving outdoor areas.

Building Design Professional Clay Brick Selection.
Boral clay bricks and pavers for commercial and residential design and specification. CAD swatches, brick properties, project examples and details for interior design, outdoor areas, modern or restoration building projects.

Building Trade Clay Brick Selection.
Boral clay bricks and pavers are available in a range of colours and textures to suit new homes or renovation projects. Includes building examples and brick technical information and properties for all brick types and sizes.

Introducing Blackwell to the Manor brick range

Blackwell is the latest addition to our two course
Manor Brick range in WA. Its colour and unique tactile finish creates opportunity for distinctive and individual design. In addition, the white shale 'fleck' and dark hue are kiln fired throughout, removing the complexities associated with an applied face, eg.chipping.

Blackwell offers designers versatility to contrast, compliment or focus on dramatic solid wall design.

Manor Range - Two Course

The double height bricks of the Manor Range, with their refined textures and subtle colours, are a classic choice for traditional and contemporary homes.

Colour and texture are two of the most important elements in the look of your home. Western Australia boasts one of the most varied selections of clay colours and types in the world, allowing us to produce a range of subtle shade and texture variations.

Features & Benefits
  • Available in double height brick size: 290x90x162mm.
  • Made from clay, a 100% natural and recyclable material.
  • Available in 8 convenient locations around Perth metro, Bunbury and Geraldton. Delivery available.

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New Slimline Bricks

Home builders in Victoria can now choose from Boral’s expanded bricks range, aimed at increasing design options and achieving a point of difference. Boral’s 50mm Slimline bricks, provides the opportunity to utilise different proportions to create visual interest.

Boral’s increased selection of slimline format bricks is meeting a trend for interior and exterior features in residential buildings such as facades, entrances, formal areas and fireplaces. The Boral range allows you to mix and match through colour, texture and size.

Design Consultant Judy Dymond said the expanded bricks ranges is a response to the growing importance and use of composite elements in architectural style. At the present time, there is a strong direction in architecture for rectangular proportions which the 50mm shape reinforces.

“By providing companion products across three brick ranges, it gives the opportunity to deliver simple solutions by using different formats. This helps creates visual interest and enhances architectural styles, especially the strong trend for composite design.”

The flatter, elongated bricks are also used for creating decorative effects, such as banding and corbelling in walls and pillars, giving a strong design edge to residential and commercial buildings.

Slimline Brick History

The proportions of the slimline brick bear a striking similarity to the bricks used by the ancient Romans.

The Romans made bricks that were long and flat with the name of the emperor and the date stamped into the surface of the brick. Bricks were used to make many Roman private and civic buildings, the majority of which were later covered in marble. The marble has long since been removed, but the brick is still intact and readily observable.

Nuvo Fusion

Design focused and infinitely adaptable, be confident with exceptional solid colour from Nuvo bricks. Offering distinctively different finishes for the latest looks in brick. Fusion is one of two Nuvo sub-ranges, the other being Aspire.

Features & Benefits
  • Bold colours expressing a strong, individual style
  • Build your whole home with Nuvo Fusion or simply a feature wall


Elan is elegant and formal with straight lines. The rich earthy tones complement beautifully with its subtle texture.

Features & Benefits
  • This brick features a torn or rolled texture
  • Create visual interest by mixing it with the slimmer 50mm version

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