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Hervey Bay & Yarraman, Queensland

With the price of electricity going up itís time to invest into your future with a more cost effective, sustainable power source.
The cost of an average household electricity bill has had a 400% increase in 30 years, so start planning now for your greener more affordable future!

Blue Sky Mine Solar Power

About Us

Blue Sky Mine Power Solutions is a family owned business and we have firmly established ourselves over the last couple of years in the Hervey Bay area. We have a reputation of carrying out first class Photo Voltaic installations both with the public and within the Solar industry. Using only top of the range products we never compromise on quality.

We offer the best service possible to our customers both before and after the installation is complete and will not walk away from a job until customer satisfaction has been achieved. Below are just some of the reasons our customers chose Blue Sky Mine Power Solutions over the rest.
  • Local Family Business
  • Experienced Accredited Installers (Over 500 Installations)
  • Top of The Range Products
  • Excellent Service (Including Follow Up)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Great Warranty
  • Affordable Price
  • Installations Fully Comply with Australian Standards
  • Pride in Workmanship
  • Licenced Electrical Contractors
  • Free 12 Month Service on 10kW and Above
  • All installers are CEC Accredited

So if you are seeking a solar company that stands out from the rest on service, quality and price than Blue Sky Mine Power Solutions is ready to assist you all the way in creating a greener, more affordable and sustainable solution to your power needs.



Not all panels are created equal and at Blue Sky Mine Solar, we take the guess work out of finding a quality panel. Research, testing and industry experience all play a vital role when it comes to selecting a panel that we are willing to back and put our name to.

We only use reputable panel manufacturers and research everything such as:
  • Cell Efficiency
  • Manufacture process
  • Initial testing
  • Power tolerance
  • Temperature effects
  • Warranty
  • Supplier Credibility

By doing so we ensure that both we and our customers can have the peace of mind in knowing they have a premium grade product that is suited to their local conditions installed on their premises. Call one of our solar consultants anytime and ask us to show you the difference and the quality of the panels we offer.


An inverter is a major part of any solar installation, and like any industry there are both premium and poor products. It is crucial to get the right inverter for your installation and Blue Sky Mine Solar have the experience and the know how to ensure your installation is fully compatible and will provide you with the best possible performance. By using only the best inverters on the market today we ensure that your system will perform reliably and at its peak, therefore giving you the highest returns on your investment. We are proud to use brands like SMA Sunnyboy, Aurora and Samil Power inverters and can offer our customers an inverter warranty of up to 25 Years.

Donít be caught out with using second grade products, let us do the hard work for you and provide you with all the facts, therefore enabling you to make an educated selection of quality products to fulfil your energy needs.

Qualification Details

Accredited Solar Designer/Installer
Licenced Electrical Controctor

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