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Why Choose Tilt and Turn PVC Doors?

Jan 9, 2011 · Jaclyn Fitzgerald

If you are looking for new doors for your home that fit the criteria of being energy efficient, good ventilators, and secure, you cannot go past the new tilt and turn PVC doors that are entering the market.

PVC Doors

PVC Patio Doors

Jan 7, 2011 · Jaclyn Fitzgerald

If you have an outdoor patio area, you want to be able to access this easily from your home.

PVC Doors

Benefits of Bi Folding PVC Doors

Jan 11, 2011 · Jaclyn Fitzgerald

If you want to create a sense of space and openness in your home, the ideal solution is to install a PVC bi folding door.

PVC Doors

Latest Doors Bring The Outside In

Dec 20, 2010 · Georgia Madden

Whether youíre building from scratch or renovating, opening up the back of your home to the deck or garden is an unbeatable way to boost its value and lifestyle appeal

Go Green With Timber Doors

Dec 7, 2010 · Craig Gibson

Timber is unparalleled as a material in the building industry, adding warmth and character wherever it is specified. When one combines the skills of an experienced craftsman with a range of hardwood timbers, the results often speak for themselves

Find The Perfect Doors And Windows

Dec 2, 2010 · Georgia Madden

The front door is the first thing you see when you enter a house and provides a real chance to make a design statement, but itís an opportunity that many people overlook

How to Measure Your Doors

Apr 11, 2011 · Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Doors are essential for privacy, security, and keeping out light and noise as needed but a door can only do its job if it fits properly. This is why it so imperative to measure your doors correctly.

How To

Blockboard Vs Hollow Core Doors

Nov 14, 2010 · Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Doors are a necessity inside and outside the home for privacy, security, and to block light, noise and wind. Two of the most common and popular options for doors are blockboard and hollow core, each of which have their own pros and cons.

A Clear Vision

Feb 1, 2011 · Melanie Alexander

Roving Reporter Mel talks glazing with Clearview Concepts, who have a number of stylish products on their stand

HIA Spring Home Show - Perth

Security Screens for Bifold Doors

Nov 11, 2010 · Jaclyn Fitzgerald

If you have bifold doors, youíll know what a beautiful addition they are to your home. However, it can be difficult to find security screens that suit these, so you can leave your bifold doors open with complete safety.

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