Why Choose Gas Powered Hydronic Floor Heating?

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Why Choose Gas Powered Hydronic Floor Heating?

Aug 8, 2011 by

Topic: Hydronic Heating

If you are looking for a safe, effective form of heating for your home, hydronic heating is a great idea.  Go one step further and choose hydronic heating that is powered by gas.  Here’s everything you need to know!

What is Gas Powered Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is a type of heating where warm water is circulated through tubes and the heat is transferred in the room through the floor (hydronic floor heating) or through large radiator panels.  Hydronic heating is a form of radiant heating.  In gas powered hydronic heating, the water is heated by a boiler that uses gas – either bottled gas or natural gas.  For hydronic floor heating, you have three options – laying the pipes in the slab (in slab), laying the pipes in a thin layer of concrete on top of the slab (in screed), or laying the pipes underneath a timber floor (under battened timber systems).

Benefits of Gas Powered Hydronic Heating

Gas powered hydronic heating is favoured because it is a reliable way of keeping the water warm. The boiler uses natural or bottled gas in order to heat the water, and the gas is guaranteed to always be available for use.  This is in contrast to heat pumps which may not work if it is too cold outside, or solar panels which won’t be effective if it is cloudy.  With gas powered hydronic heating, you’ll rest assured that you will have the heat whenever you want it.

Gas powered hydronic heating is also very efficient.  Gas powered boilers can be up to 95 percent efficient, which means that very little heat and energy is wasted.  You can improve the efficiency of gas powered hydronic heating even more by zoning your system.  This simply means that you divide the house up into separate zones that can be turned on and off individually, so you are only heating the areas that you need.  Gas is also one of the cheapest forms of fuel that you can buy, and the current costings means that gas is actually around one third the cost of an equivalent electric system.

Gas powered hydronic heating is also a very safe and comfortable form of heating.  It is a gentle heat that radiates into the room.  Because there are no fans in the system, no dust is circulated and it makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.  Essentially, you will have warm, yet clean air!

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