What is Concrete Rendering?

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What is Concrete Rendering?

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2013 by

Topic: Rendering

If you are looking for an attractive, cost effective exterior finish, you really can’t go past concrete rendering.  If you’re not sure what it is, we tell you everything that you need to know.  For more information or to organise a cement rendering job for your place, speak to your local rendering professional.

About Concrete Rendering

Concrete render is made up of three main components – lime, sand and cement.  The lime helps the render to not crack when it dries and hardens up.  Generally speaking, coarser sand is added to the concrete render when applying the undercoats and finer sands are used when applying the top coats.  The colour of the render itself depends on the colour of the cement used in the mix – the lighter the cement used, the lighter the render will be.  To change the colour of the concrete render, you can add a tint to eh render itself at the mixing stage or you can paint it once it has dried.

Advantages of Concrete Rendering

Concrete rendering is incredibly popular as you can apply it to any masonry surface.  It is most commonly applied to bricks however.  You can create a very smooth finish or you can create amazing, textured finishes depending on the techniques that you use to apply the render.  Some common techniques including bagging it or trowelling it on. Concrete render is the most cost effective rendering option, allowing you to do very large areas without breaking the budget.

Concrete rendering can be easily painted if you haven’t opted to colour the concrete itself and you can do this at any stage after the render has fully dried (at least 28 days).  You can use any rated outdoor paint, which means that you have a massive range of colours to choose from.

What to Look Out for In Concrete Rendering

While concrete rendering is an excellent option, there are some things that you have to look out for. Firstly, you need to choose a professional that will prepare the outside walls properly.  The success of the final rendered finish depends almost solely on how well the walls are prepared.  As well, if you are choosing to colour the render itself, your professional should always do a sample and allow it to dry to make sure the tone and depth of the colour is correct.  You should also be aware that concrete rendering can be more prone to cracking, and it can show efflorescence (staining from the salt coming out of the bricks).

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