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Wall Mounted Bathroom Fittings

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Topic: Bathroom Fittings

Wall mounted bathroom fittings are perfect for creating a clean and contemporary look in your bathroom.  However, many people do not know much about wall mounted fittings.  Here is a quick guide.

Advantages of Wall Mounted Bathroom Fittings

Many bathroom fittings can be wall mounted.  These include toilets, basins, vanities, and cabinets.  By mounting these fittings to the wall, you can create a great modern, minimalist look.  As well, wall mounted fittings are easier to clean – a huge bonus in the bathroom.  Wall mounted fittings are also a great choice for smaller bathrooms as they look like they're suspended, making the room feel larger.  Also, you can put wall mounted fittings in both new and existing homes.

Potential Issues with Wall Mounted Bathroom Fittings

Be aware that you will have to think ahead when it comes to some wall mounted fittings due to plumbing issues.  You need to find a plumber that is willing to plumb these fittings as they have slightly different requirements.  The wall mounted toilet will have the most potential issues, as the cistern is hidden in the wall, a cabinet, or in the ceiling, and the waste goes through the wall rather than the floor as is traditional.  The wall also needs to be able to take a bracket to support the pan (the part you sit on).

Think about how much space you have in the cavity of your wall.  Some cisterns will fit into a standard stud wall but in some cases, you may be better off building a false wall or a cabinet to hide it.  Remember that it will be cheaper to install wall mounted bathroom fittings in a new home as you will not have to change the plumbing like you would in an existing bathroom.  If you don't like the look of exposed plumbing (such as underneath the basin), then wall mounted fittings may not be for you.

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