Tips for Cleaning Your Shower Screen

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Tips for Cleaning Your Shower Screen

Last Updated: May 12, 2011 by

Topic: Shower Screens

There is nothing nicer than the gleam of clean glass in the bathroom but cleaning your shower screen can be a real pain as soap scum and other grime builds up on the glass.  However, you can take the pain out of cleaning your screens by following our simple cleaning tips. Read on for more.

How to Clean the Shower Screen

Cleaning your shower screen can be done in many ways, so you will need to find the method that best suits you.  Most commonly people opt to use a special cleaning solution that is available from the local supermarket.  However, if you prefer to use something with less chemicals, white vinegar is an excellent alternative.  It is best to clean your shower screen while it is wet, so do it after a shower, or run some water onto the screen first.  Spray the shower screen with your chosen product and allow it to sit for a few minutes and then scrub it off using a gentle, non abrasive cloth so that you don’t scratch the glass.  You then need to rinse the glass thoroughly to remove all traces of the cleanser.  For a beautiful streak free finish, dry the glass using a squeegee or a chamois.  To get the outside of the glass sparkling clean, use a glass cleaner or white vinegar in conjunction with a soft, lint free cloth.

Clean the Shower Regularly

It doesn’t matter what your preferred method for cleaning your shower screen is so much as how often you clean your screen.  It is vital that you clean your screen regularly – at least once a week.  Doing this means that soap scum, residue from shampoos and conditioners, and other grime don’t have the chance to build up and harden.  Once it has hardened it is an absolute nightmare to clean.  Save yourself the hassle and rinse the shower after every use and clean it every week.

Avoid Too Many Harsh Cleaners

It may seem like that the best thing to do is to use a strong cleaner on your shower screens to cut through the grime quickly but you are not necessarily going to do yourself any favours by doing this.  Harsh cleaners such as bleach can actually damage the glass in shower screen and make it more porous. This leads to problems such as the calcium in the water actually etching your shower screen.

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