The Cost of Running a Hydronic Heating System

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The Cost of Running a Hydronic Heating System

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2011 by

Topic: Hydronic Heating

There is nothing like the gentle heat produced by a hydronic heating system, but is the gentle heat also gentle on your hip pocket?  Here is some info about the cost of running a hydronic heating system.  Read on for more.

How Much Does Hydronic Heating Cost?

Hydronic heating systems are one of the most cost effective types of heating systems to run as water is such an efficient carrier of heat.  The heat radiates out into the room, and because it is coming from the bottom of the room, it rises up. This means that you stay more comfortable as the heat is more evenly distributed throughout the room, allowing you to set the heating at a lower temperature than you would be able to with other types of heating.

The actual cost of running hydronic heating depends on how you are actually heating the water.  If you are using solar power, this is the cheapest method of all and the running costs can actually be free, if you don’t have to use a booster at all.  Imagine that, a warm home without having to pay anything!  If you are using electricity to operate the boiler, the cost will depend on if you have it hooked up to off peak power, or if you have a smart meter.  Generally speaking, electric hydronic heating is about thirty percent cheaper than other types of underfloor heating.  This is great when you realise that normal underfloor heating costs about $355 per year for the kitchen and living areas, and about $50 for just a bathroom.  Gas powered hydronic heating is even cheaper again as gas boilers are up to 95 percent efficient in converting power to heat, and the cost of gas is cheaper than electricity.

Tips for Reducing the Costs of Running Your Hydronic Heating System

No matter what type of hydronic heating system you use, there are ways that you can reduce the running costs. The first is to set the heating to the minimum temperature that you are comfortable with.  This is important as each degree higher will cause the running cost to rise by around 10 percent (that is, by ten percent for each degree warmer).  You can also consider zoning your hydronic heating so that only the areas that you are using at any given time are warmed.  This saves you on wasting energy on heating rooms that are empty.  Another way to reduce your running costs when using hydronic heating is to insulate your home as well as possible and install double glazing.  Doing these things will stop the heat from leaking out of your home.

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