How Much Does Scaffolding Cost?

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How Much Does Scaffolding Cost?

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Topic: Renovation, Renovation Costs

Scaffolding has come a long way since the days of heavy metal scaffolding that took a crew of experienced workers days or weeks to erect. Today, light weight, structurally sound scaffolding can be easily erected and dismantled. Along with improved safety features, light weight and ease of construction, scaffolding today is also cheaper than in the past. Whether it's for a home renovation or as a safer alternative to ladders for a smaller home improvement project, today's scaffolding is an affordable option.

How Much Does Scaffolding Cost to Buy?

Scaffolding systems are available today that are within the range of the average homeowner looking for an alternative to ladders. Versatile, highly portable and easy to erect, mobile folding scaffolding units up to 2 metres wide are available for well under $1000, with some "mini-scaffolding" systems costing as little as $500. We talk about some of these types of systems for homeowners and small businesses in articles and videos here on hipages.com. Just go to our Articles pages, type in "scaffolding" and you'll find dozens to choose from.

Of course, prices for scaffolding go up as the systems become larger, but these are usually designed for tradies who need them regularly and are experienced at erecting and mismantling scaffolding. When you need wider and taller scaffolding for a home improvement project, it's more cost-effective to hire it.

How Much Does Scaffolding Cost to Hire?

When you need a lot of scaffolding, you have 2 problems to confront:
  1. Do you have a vehicle that can carry the scaffolding?
  2. Are you able to safely erect the scaffolding yourself?
If, for example, you want to paint your 2 storey house, you will need scaffolding you can safely work from at a height of 3 metres or more. To avoid repeatedly erecting and dismantling the scaffolding, you also want it to be wide enough for you to cover a large area or portable enough to move after it is set up. Both of these options are available, but wheeled scaffolding is only safe on a perfectly flat, rigid surface. If you are working on a sloping surface, you will need to hire height-adjustable scaffolding and have it professionally installed for you.

The least expensive option is to hire portable scaffolding and just pay for the delivery cost. If the scaffolding hire shop is in your immediate vicinity, the delivery cost will be minimal and the scaffolding may cost as little as $100 per week for 2 metre scaffolding or about twice as much for 4 metre high scaffolding. This kind of scaffolding is only feasible, though, if you are working on a level, hard surface.

If you're working on a sloping or irregular surface or need an extensive network of scaffolding, you need to have the experts install it for you. They will deliver it to your door and have it fully erected within 1 or 2 working days, depending on the size of the building. While the cost of renting the scaffolding and having it erected will be relatively high, some of the cost will be made up for by faster and more efficient project completion.

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