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Decorating Cosy

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2012 by

Topic: Interior Design

When the weather starts to tend towards being chilly more often than not, us humans become a lot like bears and get the urge to hibernate!  If you feel like retreating this winter, make sure you retreat to a home that is warm, welcoming and cosy.  How do you decorate your home to match your mood though?  It’s simple if you follow the ideas that we’ve put together! If you need more advice, just have a chat with your local interior decorator. They’ll be only too happy to help.

Go for Mood Lighting

One of the best ways to create a cosy atmosphere is through the use of mood lighting.  It could be as simple as attaching dimmer switches to your existing lights so that you can turn them way down low but another idea is to embrace lamp lighting.  There is a huge range of lamps available and a combination of floor and table lamps can create a dramatic, warm atmosphere that you just want to soak up.  Think dark shades, rich woods, oversized lamp shades...they all work to create something brilliant!

Play With Colour

As you’re spending so much more time indoors during winter, now is the time to play with colour.  If you’re feeling brave you can paint a beautiful feature wall in a deep rich red, purple, grey, blue, or whatever else tickles your fancy!  Change your couch cushions to lush, deep colours and add a few throws to create an effect that can only be described as “cocooning”. Trust me, you’ll wrap yourself up and not want to come out again until spring!

Add Some Texture

You cannot create a cosy home unless you’re incorporating some texture and cosiness means going tactile.  Look for fabrics that are plush to the touch such as wool, angora, flocked velvets, and faux fur.  Essentially, you want to use fabrics that you instantly want to bury yourself in, so that all that is free is your face and your hands to hold a hot cup of cocoa!   Don’t be afraid to mix and match fabrics and textures either. Wool and faux fur marry together beautifully, while flocked velvets and angora clash in a way that just seems to work.

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