Choosing an Awning Supplier

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Choosing an Awning Supplier

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Topic: Awnings

An awning is the perfect shade solution for the home or a great spot for entertaining.  Ensure that you have effective, attractive awnings that will last for years by buying them from a reputable awning supplier.  Here’s everything you need to know. To check out the different awnings for yourself or to purchase some for your home, speak with your local awning supplier

What Types of Awnings Does the Supplier Carry?

The first thing that you’ll need to check out when choosing an awning supplier is the types of awnings they carry.  This is important as not all suppliers will stock all types of awnings.  Some common types of awnings that you can expect the supplier to stock include folding arm awnings, fixed awnings, retractable awnings, and straight drop awnings.  The awning itself can be manually operated or motorised depending on your preferences.

What Services Does the Awning Supplier Provide?

As well as supplying the awnings themselves, awning suppliers may provide other services which can prove very helpful to you.  For example, they can take the measurements of the space where the awning is to be installed to ensure that the awning is made exactly to size, or that the standard size fits well.  Also, in most cases, an awning supplier can provide an installation service as well – saving you the hassle of finding someone else to do it!

Awning suppliers will be happy to show you examples of each of the types of awning that they carry in their showroom, as well as demonstrate how they operate.  They’ll be happy to advise you on what awning is best suited for your needs (an awning for entertaining will need to be different to an awning used to shade a window for example).

What Costs are Involved?

When you are checking out an awning supplier, it is important that you check out what costs are involved. Naturally, there will be the cost of the awning itself but you should check if the supplier’s quote includes installation, taking measurements and so forth.  It is important that each quote you get covers the same thing so you can get an accurate representation of the costs.

Is the Awning Supplier Reputable?

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that the awning supplier you choose is reputable.  They should provide you with quality awnings made from good quality materials, and that come with a comprehensive warranty or guarantee.  A reputable supplier will assist you with any problems that may arise with the awnings after installation, and will be only too happy to show you examples of the awnings that they’ve worked with or have installed before.

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