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Pool Slide Safety Tips

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2012 by

Topic: Pool Slides

Pool Slide Safety Tips

Adding a slide to your pool is a great way to make it even more fun and exciting for people of all ages.  However, pool slides can be dangerous if they’re not installed and used correctly so we’ve put together a guide to pool slide safety so that everyone can enjoy the slide without any problems. Read on for more.

Installing and Maintaining the Slide

The number one thing that you can do to ensure that your pool slide is safe is to ensure that it is correctly installed.  Professional installation is recommended and you should make sure that all of the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.  Ensure that all bolts are securely fixed and that there are no loose connections.  You also need to do regular slide maintenance and check for any loose bolts, rough areas, and areas of wear and tear, rust, or anything else that needs to be looked at.  You should also clean the slide occasionally to remove pool chemicals that may affect the integrity of the surface.

Check the Safety Features of the Slide

Good pool slides will come with the following safety features built in.  They should have strong grab rails to support users as they go up the ladder or stairs. The ladder or stairs themselves should have an anti slip coating so that wet feet cannot slip off.  It is also a good idea to look for a slide that has a continuous flow of water going down it as it means that skin won’t drag on the slide, and the slide won’t get hot from the sun.  A slide guard is also helpful for when the slide is not being used.

Rules for Using the Pool Slide

If you have a pool slide, it is a good idea to set rules on how it is to be used.  Ensure that kids are always supervised when they use it. Make it a rule that you can only go down the slide feet first and never head first. This is very important as going down head first, while it may sound fun, can cause serious neck injuries. Only one person should be allowed on the ladder of the slide at any one time and ensure that people wait their turn. The next user should not get on the slide until the one before has left the landing area or the pool totally (this will depend on the size of the pool).  Never allow toys or other items on the slide as these can catch and cause injury.  Also never allow anyone to throw items (no matter how soft) at someone on the slide.  Finally, never allow running in the pool area (kids love to race each other to the slide).

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